Past Results


First Annual
photo 4

2012 Results

Overall Male Winners
1fitchallenge2012 078
1.  David Sallee (Senior)

2.  Trey Novak (Senior)
3.  Julio Martinez (Senior)

Overall Female Winners
1fitchallenge2012 083
1.  Courtney Powell (Senior)
2.  Aly Dahlberg (Senior)
3.  Kelci Marsh (Junior)

1st Annual Fittest on Campus Events

Day 1
1.  Sit and Reach
2.  2oom Dash
3.  Handstand for Time
4.  Clean and Jerk 1 rep max
5.  Bodyweight Back Squat (3min Max Reps)

Day 2
1.  Grace
30 Clean and Jerks
2.  The Chipper
30 Deadlift (133#/111#)
20 Reverse Burpees
150 Jump Rope
20 Standing Deadlift High Pulls (24kg/16kg)
800m Run
30 Box Jumps (24″/20″)
3.  Aqua Helen
3 Rounds:
50m Swim
21 Russian Swings (20kg/16kg)
12 Hand Release Push Ups

2013 Results

Male Overall Winners
1rst Place –
Steven Bober (Sophmore)
2nd Place – Moises Valcarcel (Senior)
3rd Place – Skyler Blanco (Junior)

Female Overall Winners
1rst place –
Ilana Jones (Junior)
2nd Place –
Shelby Turner (Senior)
3rd Place –
Kayley Cravens (Senior)

Day 1
Event 1
10 Tries for a total score
Event 2
Speed and Agility Course
“W” Pattern followed by a 40m
Event 3
Front Squat Ladder
Athletes will choose a weight from 4 different weights
Weight To be announced at the event.
Once you choose you may not switch.
Max Reps at that weight in 3 minutes.
We will multiply your Weight x reps for the Score
Event 4
10 minute Endurance Swim
Amount of completed Legths of the Pool will be scored

Day 2
Event 1
“Yard Work”
Load a Wheel Barrow 150#/100#
Push Wheel Barrow 50m
Load 45# Bar w/ weights
Perform 21-15-9 of:
Deadlift and Bar Facing Burpees
Unload Bar / Load Wheel Barrow
Push Wheel Barrow Back 50m
Event 2
Single Under Jump Rope
Max Un Broken Reps
Event 3
3 Rounds for time:
21 Kettle Swings
12 Pull Ups


2014 Results

Male Overall Winners

1rst Place –
Skyler Blanco (Senior)
2nd Place – Steven Bober (Junior)
3rd Place – Colin McLean (Senior)

Female Overall Winners
girl podium
1rst place – Ciera Lathe (Junior)
2nd Place – Vanessa Oakley (Sophomore)
3rd Place – Kyrie Ward (Senior)

Day 1
Event 1
1 Rep Bench Max
Event 2
1000m Row for time
Event 3
Death by Burpees
5 minute Max Reps

Day 2
Day at The Pond
100m Swim
100/50 Barbell Push Press 45/35#
200m Surf Paddle
100/50 Barbell Squats 45/35#
1.5 Mile Trail Run

2015 Fittest on Campus

2015 Womenpod 2015podifem

Noah Weems                                                                   Karsten Daniels
Steven Bober                                                                   Ciera Lathe
Robert Pardo                                                                   Manik Arutunian



Celebrating Del Campo’s New Stadium

Event 1
“Work and Deliver”
Barbell Thrusters
Farm Carry
After set of 21 Farm Carry 10 yds and back
After set of 15 Farm Carry 20 yds and back
After set of 09 Farm Carry 30 yds and Back

Event 2
Long Jump
Shot Put
Score is the Total Distance of the 2
Each athlete will be allowed 2 attempts per event

Event 3
“Lunch Detention”
6 min AMRAP
8 Shoulder to Overhead
6 Bar over Burpees
1 minute Rest
1 Minute AMRAP
Box Jump Overs 24″/20″

Event 4
“Iron Clad”
4 Rounds for Time
15/10 Knees over Waist
10 DeadLift
25yd sled pull progressive down field

Event 5
“The Floater”
Speed and Agility
50yd Zig Zag Run
50 yd Sprint
The Floater can be done at anytime during the competition.  All athletes must complete this workout for a time before the start of Event 4.  There will be a Judge at this station through out the day.  When you are called to an event you must arrive within 30 sec of being called.

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