2016 Events


5th Annual Fittest on Campus
Boot Camp”
Saturday May 7, 2016
Presentation of the Colors 0800
Start time is 0830
Del Campo Stadium

Athletes should be there earlier to warm up and get acquainted with the Facility.  Athletes are expected to bring their own food, water, sunscreen and any other personal needs outside of the lifting equipment. There is minimal shade at this facility so please plan accordingly.
Weights will be announced upon Arrival

Sprint 40 yds
Tire Agility
Low Crawl
20 yd Tire Flip and Roll
400m Med Ball Run 20/16

WOD 2 – Skills
Dead Hang for Time
2 Minute Push Up Test
2 Minute Sit Up Test
Plank for time

WOD 3 
Thrusters 65/45
Bar over Burpees

100yd Sprint
50yd Bear Crawl
50 yd Crab Walk
Climb Tower

3 Rounds
50m Swim
10 Water Muscle ups
10 Burpees

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